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Ultrathin Cell‐Membrane‐Mimic Phosphorylcholine Polymer Film Coating Enables Large Improvements for In Vivo Electrochemical Detection.

Reduction of ammineruthenium(III) by sulfide enables in vivo electrochemical monitoring of free endogenous hydrogen sulfide.

Protein pretreatment of microelectrodes enables in vivo electrochemical measurements with easy precalibration and interference-free from proteins.

Low-Fouling Nanoporous Conductive Polymer-Coated Microelectrode for In Vivo Monitoring of Dopamine in the Rat Brain

In vivo monitoring of H2O2 with polydopamine and prussian blue-coated microelectrode.

Renewable and ultralong nanoelectrochemical sensor: nanoskiving fabrication and application for monitoring cell release.